Chill Brands Chill ZERO set to ignite with nicotine-free vape range


Chill Brands Group is gearing up to tap into the expansive world of with its cutting-edge Chill ZERO nicotine-free vapour products, aiming to reach a broader audience in the booming e-commerce market. Given Amazon’s stringent policies against nicotine vapes, Chill Brands anticipates a favorable edge in catering to Amazon’s vast user base, especially those who prioritize the blend of shopping convenience and healthier vaping choices.

Initiated in the UK market in August 2023, Chill ZERO is designed to offer consumers a holistic vaping experience minus the addictive nicotine element. This aligns with the growing trend of users leaning towards healthier, nicotine-free alternatives while still relishing the sensory indulgence of vaping.

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Apart from its significant move on, Chill Brands doesn’t halt its stride. The brand envisions scaling the Chill ZERO line across various European territories, leveraging Amazon’s vast listing and fulfilment capacities. Moreover, the US market witnesses an exciting addition with the launch of Chill ZERO 1500 and 3000 puff devices, amplifying the nicotine-free vape catalogue in response to rising consumer enthusiasm and positive feedback for its 600 puff devices.

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Callum Sommerton, the forefront Chief Executive Officer of Chill Brands, commented on this strategic step. “Breaking into the Amazon marketplace marks a pivotal moment for Chill ZERO,” Sommerton voiced. He underscored the potential of the platform to elevate the brand’s market stance, hinting at this UK launch as a precursor to a more expansive Amazon outreach across countries.

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He concluded by highlighting the brand’s commitment to serve an emerging segment of vape enthusiasts transitioning away from nicotine and traditional tobacco, reinforcing Chill Brands’ commitment to this niche yet rapidly growing market segment.

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