Burnaby Refinery : Parkland Corporation announces temporary shutdown of operations


Parkland Corporation, a prominent player in the fuel distribution and convenience retailing sector, has announced the temporary closure of its processing operations at the Burnaby Refinery. This decision, influenced by extreme cold weather conditions, is a precautionary measure to ensure the reliability of supply and safety.

Maintaining Fuel Supply Amid Shutdown

To counterbalance the impact of the shutdown, Parkland has augmented the import of refined products to its on-site shipping terminal. This strategic move ensures that customers across the lower mainland and Vancouver Island continue to receive safe and reliable fuel deliveries. The refinery’s blending, shipping, terminal, and rack activities remain fully operational, facilitating offloading from ships and rail directly into the refinery.

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Expected Timeline for Normal Operations

According to Alex Coles, Vice President and General Manager of the Burnaby Refinery, processing operations were proactively paused due to recent severe weather. A subsequent issue with a processing unit on January 21, 2024, led to a continued shutdown. The refinery is expected to return to normal operations in approximately four weeks.

Operational Pause at Burnaby Refinery: Parkland Corporation Enhances Fuel Import to Ensure Supply

Operational Pause at Burnaby Refinery: Parkland Corporation Enhances Fuel Import to Ensure Supply

Burnaby Refinery’s Community Role and Contributions

A key element of the Burnaby community since 1935, the Burnaby Refinery, acquired by Parkland in 2017, is one of Canada’s few remaining West Coast refineries. It plays a critical role in supplying a significant portion of British Columbia’s transportation fuel, including gasoline and diesel for everyday drivers, public transport like TransLink buses, and BC Ferries.

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Parkland’s Expansive Operations and Focus on Sustainability

Parkland is an international fuel distributor with operations in 25 countries across the Americas, serving over one million customers daily. Its comprehensive network meets the fuel and convenience needs of consumers and businesses, including industrial fuels for commercial use. The company’s diverse locations across Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean region demonstrate its robust supply, distribution, and trading capabilities.

Environmental Initiatives and Strategic Growth

In alignment with environmental responsibility, Parkland offers choices to help customers reduce their environmental impact, such as carbon and renewables trading, solar power, renewables manufacturing, and ultra-fast EV charging. The company’s business model emphasizes organic growth, supply advantage, and prudent acquisitions. Its strategy is centered on developing existing businesses in resilient markets, expanding its food, convenience, and renewable energy businesses, and aiding customers in decarbonization efforts.

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Parkland Corporation’s response to the temporary shutdown of the Burnaby Refinery exemplifies its adaptability and commitment to maintaining supply continuity in challenging circumstances. The company’s strategic import of refined products and operational adjustments highlight its resilience and capability to navigate industry challenges. Parkland’s focus on sustainability and renewable energy initiatives further positions it as a forward-thinking leader in the fuel industry, balancing operational efficiency with environmental stewardship.

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