Bird rolls out e-bike fleet in Seattle amidst sustainable transport drive


Bird, renowned for its e-scooter services in Seattle, has rolled out a new line of e-bikes in the city. This move accentuates Seattle’s ambition towards sustainable transportation and adds to the city’s progressive transport landscape. Initially launching with a fleet of 200 e-bikes, Bird plans to scale up its offerings in the subsequent months.

Increasing Sustainable Mobility Options

Seattle’s ongoing drive to offer sustainable transport solutions gets a boost with the introduction of Bird’s e-bikes. Designed to complement the city’s eco-conscious ethos, these e-bikes aim to diversify mobility options for Seattle’s denizens and tourists. By adopting these greener commuting alternatives, individuals can play a pivotal role in mitigating traffic congestion, reducing carbon emissions, and making Seattle more environmentally friendly.

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Stewert Lyons, President of Bird Global, expressed the company’s aspirations by stating, “We’re excited to introduce our state-of-the-art e-bikes to the dynamic city of Seattle. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly transport solutions, we’re confident that our e-bikes will become a beloved fixture within the city’s existing transportation ecosystem.”

Bird's e-bike expansion in Seattle: A step towards a greener urban commute

Bird’s e-bike expansion in Seattle: A step towards a greener urban commute. Photo courtesy of Artsistra/Wikimedia Commons.

Becky Edmonds, the Shared Mobility Program Manager at Seattle Department of Transportation, highlighted the synergy between Bird and the city’s sustainable transportation goals, mentioning, “After a year of partnering with Bird to provide access to e-scooters, we’re excited Bird is launching e-bikes in Seattle to provide even more access to climate-friendly transportation options. Transportation is the largest contributor to greenhouse gases in Seattle and bike riding is one of the many solutions we are focused on as we work toward Seattle becoming carbon neutral by 2050.”

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Advanced Features for a Seamless Experience

Designed to effortlessly traverse Seattle’s distinctive terrains, Bird’s e-bikes come equipped with an electric assist technology. This ensures a harmonious adaptation to the rider’s pedaling, facilitating smooth rides even on hilly pathways. Like their e-scooter counterparts, Bird’s e-bikes boast integrated GPS capabilities, further enhancing the user’s experience. Renting and locking the e-bikes is simplified through the Bird mobile app, marking a significant stride in user-friendly urban commuting.

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This foray into the e-bike market underscores Bird’s continual commitment to promoting eco-conscious transportation, shaping a greener future for urban commuting in Seattle.

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