Bajaj Healthcare launches Covid drug 2-DG under DGJAJ brand

Bajaj Healthcare Limited (BHL) said that it has launched API and formulation of 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose (2-DG), an antiviral drug used for the treatment of moderate to severe Covid-19, under the brand name — DGJAJ.

The APIs, intermediates, and formulations manufacturer had signed a license agreement from the Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in July 2021. As per the agreement, Bajaj Healthcare has the rights to manufacture and commercialize the 2-DG Covid drug.

The company has started production of DGJAJ today.

2-DG is a glucose analogue in which the 2-hydroxyl group is replaced with hydrogen.

The drug enters into cells by the glucose transporters on the cell membrane but it cannot go through further glycolysis and acts as inhibitor of glycolysis. As a result, cells with higher uptake of glucose such as virally infected cells, tumour cells, and inflammatory cells also have a higher uptake of 2-DG.

As the glucose analogue selectively accumulates more in cells that have high glucose demand, it can inhibit viral infection, tumour cell growth, and inflammation.

Bajaj Healthcare launches Covid drug 2-DG under DGJAJ brand

Bajaj Healthcare launches Covid drug 2-DG under DGJAJ brand. Image courtesy of Daniel Roberts from Pixabay.

In May 2021, 2-DG was granted emergency use approval by the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) as an adjunct therapy in Covid-19 patients with moderate to severe infection. The 2-DG drug is a powder form, which has to be taken orally by dissolving in water.

It is claimed to help in the quicker recovery of hospitalized patients and cuts down the need for supplemental oxygen.

Anil Jain —Bajaj Healthcare Joint Managing Director, commenting on the launch of DGJAJ, said: “We are quite delighted to add yet another product in our product portfolio. This product will further help us in growing our formulation business.

“Health experts are anticipating a 3rd wave of COVID-19, which may be even more severe as the virus has undergone several mutations over the time. We hope the availability of an effective treatment such as 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose (2-DG) will offer patients with much needed and timely therapy option.

“Most patients ailing from moderate to severe symptoms can benefit from the use of 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose.”

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