Associated Alcohols & Breweries unveils NICOBAR, a premium gin adventure


Associated Alcohols & Breweries Limited, a leader in the alcoholic beverage industry, proudly announced the launch of its new product, HANDCRAFTED PREMIUM GIN “NICOBAR”. This gin, priced at Rs. 2,360 for a 750 ml SKU in Madhya Pradesh, is not just a drink but a journey of exploration in a bottle.

NICOBAR Gin: A Fusion of Exotic Flavors

NICOBAR Gin is a masterful blend of unique flavors and botanicals, featuring elderflower, hibiscus, and an exclusive mix of three distinct juniper varieties. This innovative combination delivers a robust yet floral taste profile, with the peppery bite of grains of paradise adding to its complexity. The spirit’s crafting is further enhanced by specialized copper stills, underscoring the brand’s commitment to quality.

NICOBAR: A New Voyage in Premium Gin from Associated Alcohols & Breweries Limited

NICOBAR: A New Voyage in Premium Gin from Associated Alcohols & Breweries Limited. Photo courtesy of Associated Alcohols & Breweries Limited.

The Spirit of Exploration in Every Sip

NICOBAR Gin represents more than a new product; it signifies a strategic move towards premiumization by Associated Alcohols & Breweries Limited. According to Mr. Tushar Bhandari, Whole Time Director, the launch responds to the growing market demand for premium gin, reflecting the company’s adaptability to evolving consumer preferences.

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Launch and Availability

The journey of NICOBAR begins in select outlets in Madhya Pradesh, marking the start of a strategic rollout. Plans are underway to expand to Delhi and Kerala in the coming months. The launch of NICOBAR in the vibrant and enchanting markets of these regions promises to introduce gin enthusiasts to a new realm of flavor and discovery.

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A New Chapter in the Indian Alco-Beverage Industry

The introduction of NICOBAR by Associated Alcohols & Breweries Limited is more than just the unveiling of a new gin. It’s a bold stride in the Indian alco-beverage industry, venturing into a category that offers opportunities to present diverse and innovative spirits. NICOBAR, crafted with native ingredients, is an invitation to embark on a personal journey of discovery through its nuanced flavors.

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As NICOBAR sets sail to explore the world of premium gin, it invites enthusiasts to discover not just a new gin but a new perspective on exploration and taste.

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