Aptamer Group wins new contracts with global pharmaceutical leaders


Aptamer Group plc (AIM: APTA), an innovator in the life sciences sector, has announced new agreements worth up to £275,000 for the development of its proprietary Optimer binders. These agreements involve three of the top ten global pharmaceutical companies and underline the expanding commercial interest in Aptamer’s technology. The deals also include potential for additional follow-on fee-for-service development work and potential licensing.

Details of the New Agreements

The first of these significant contracts will see the development of Optimer binders to enhance biologic drug manufacturing processes by improving drug purification, which aims to minimize product loss. Successful completion of this project could lead to further downstream development contracts for Aptamer.

The second contract involves the development of a pair of Optimer+ binders for a highly sensitive immunoassay platform, chosen for its rapid development timeline. This project has the potential to extend into clinical trials, supporting further use of the binders and subsequent follow-on contracts.

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The third major contract will develop Optimer binders targeting a known cancer marker for use in flow cytometry assays, aimed at supporting accurate pharmacokinetic analysis in drug development. This application is particularly critical where other affinity ligands, like antibodies, have failed to perform adequately.

Expanded Sales Pipeline and Strategic Growth

These new contracts are part of a broader expansion of Aptamer’s sales pipeline, which now totals £3.2 million following recent conversions, including a contract with Timser Group. This represents a conversion rate of approximately 16% of the initial £3.9 million pipeline. The converted sales are set to boost the current production pipeline value to £1.9 million, with revenues expected to be recognized in due course.

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Dr. Arron Tolley, Chief Technical Officer of Aptamer Group, commented on the announcements: “I am pleased to be able to announce new agreements with three of the top ten pharma companies, further validating our platform technologies and their potential, including increasing commercial interest in the Optimer + platform. In total, we have agreed £275,000 of deals that we have aggregated in this announcement, in addition to the partnership announced with Timser yesterday and the strength we see in our pipeline.”

Future Outlook and Ongoing Developments

With these agreements, Aptamer Group is well-positioned to capitalize on its expanding sales pipeline. The company continues to explore material license fee opportunities while advancing its developed Optimer assets. Ongoing discussions around drug delivery vehicles for the liver and partnerships, such as with Unilever for cosmetic applications and Neuro-Bio for a rapid diagnostic test for Alzheimer’s disease, highlight Aptamer’s diverse and innovative approach to biotechnology.

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The strategic engagement of Aptamer Group with leading global pharmaceutical companies showcases its robust position in the biotechnology sector, leveraging innovative Optimer technology to address complex challenges in drug development and diagnostics. This alignment with major industry players not only validates Aptamer’s technological advancements but also strengthens its market presence and potential for future growth.

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