A mile stone in the usage of cell phones for monitoring of heart patients


Uses of Cell Phones for monitoring Heart Patients:

Yet there is another important usage of cell phone is found by the Australian scientists. Cell phones now a day is found to be a valuable companion allover the world for communication. Now the cell phones are equipped with latest functions of videos, photography, entertainment and internet facility. It became an essential companion to several people.

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In this recent usage the data of the heart patients is monitored via the cell phones to a central computer where the data is processed and communicated to the nursing staff attending on the patients. The Australian scientists even customized to record the data of the heart patients to record their blood pressure, physical activity and weights. They made an inbuilt accelerator to record the data. The data sent to a central computer for processing via blue tooth technology. They found that this facility is more useful for the remote patients who cannot visit several times.

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