Make It Simple expands distribution of Pep Talk caffeinated sparkling water


Make It Simple has expanded the reach of its naturally-flavored, caffeinated sparkling water Pep Talk into 100 HEB stores in Texas.

Launched in February 2019, the caffeinated sparkling water brand will also be available in UNFI Warehouse stores in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota, and in all Fresh Market locations.

Pep Talk, which was developed by Lisa Amundson, is available in four flavors – Coconut, Tangerine Blackberry, Pink Grapefruit and Lemon Lime. Each can of Pep Talk is packed with 55mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to a small cup of coffee or diet soda. Make It Simple claims that when compared to similar products, Pep Talk has a stronger flavor owing to its higher bubble concentration.

Pep Talk contains non-GMO ingredients, and has no preservatives or artificial flavors. It contains zero calories and sugar, and is free from gluten and sodium and is vegan, offering natural caffeine extracted from beans.

Pep Talk is available in 12-ounce cans, priced at $5.99, $31.99 for four 8-packs.

Pep Talk caffeinated sparkling water

Pep Talk caffeinated sparkling water. Photo: Business Wire.

said: “I’ve spent years seeing the effects of excess soda and on my patients, and hearing about the struggles of fellow moms. I wanted to create a great tasting, healthy sparkling product that helps to improve their wellness while providing a natural boost that keeps them focused through their busy days.”

Make It Simple also claims that its caffeinated sparkling water brand gives consumers various health benefits that come with the body being hydrated properly, such as improved mental function, clearer skin, and a healthier immune system.

said: “We understand that our consumers want a healthy product they can feel good about enjoying as they look for ways to be healthier.

“With Pep Talk, our consumers not only have great taste but a variety of health benefits in one convenient beverage. We’ll continue to provide ‘good for you’ products like Pep Talk that are easy to fit into healthy lifestyles.”

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