Tetra Tech secures $25m contract for Anacostia River Sediment Project


The District of Columbia (DC) Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) awarded consulting and engineering services firm Tetra Tech a $25 million, five-year contract for Anacostia River Sediment Project.

As per the contract, Tetra Tech will provide technical support services for evaluation and remediation of contaminated sediments for the nine-mile tidal part of the heavily urbanized Anacostia River.

In this regard, the California-based company will undertake a remedial investigation, feasibility study, and natural resource damage assessment (NRDA).

The study for the Anacostia River Sediment project also covers the Washington Channel, which is nearly a 1.5-mile channel that extends northward from the mouth of the river at its confluence with the Potomac River.

During the study, Tetra Tech will gather surface sediment, subsurface sediment, surface water, surface sediment pore water, benthic invertebrate, and fish tissue samples to determine the contamination extent within the tidal Anacostia River and Washington Channel.

Anacostia River Sediment Project

Image: Tetra Tech wins $25m contract for Anacostia River Sediment Project. Photo courtesy of Eric T. Gunther/Wikipedia.org.

Dan Batrack – Tetra Tech Chairman and CEO, commenting on the Anacostia River Sediment project contract, said: “Tetra Tech has provided outstanding technical support to the DOEE for the past six years. We are pleased to continue delivering innovative solutions to return the Anacostia River to a swimmable and fishable condition which will benefit DC residents, visitors, and neighboring communities.”

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