Mercatus, ShopperKit team up to help grocers execute online orders


Mercatus, a digital commerce solutions provider for grocery and other retail verticals, has joined forces with in-store order fulfillment platform ShopperKit to help grocers fulfill online orders more efficiently.

The in-store fulfillment solution of ShopperKit is expected to enable Mercatus-equipped stores to quickly receive, prioritize and process orders from the websites of the retailers. As a result, this will enable grocers to provide improved in-store pickup or delivery services to their online customers.

Once an order is placed through the retailer’s Mercatus-powered eCommerce platform, Mercatus routes the order to the store, where ShopperKit’s system helps in driving efficient picking and packing methods. After the order is fulfilled, Mercatus enables the systems behind click and collect orders and partner delivery services for white label delivery.

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Jack Record – CEO of ShopperKit said: “We’re excited to partner with Mercatus and help its customers enjoy faster pick times, greater accuracy, increased basket size and more.

“We recognize the strength of the Mercatus digital commerce engine and its success in providing white label delivery solutions. Given our shared goals of creating a better shopping experience via quick and easy fulfillment, better service and increased loyalty, we are confident that this partnership will be an immense success.”

Mercatus, ShopperKit team up to help grocers execute online orders

Mercatus, ShopperKit team up to help grocers execute online orders. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay.

ShopperKit is said to be able to integrate with any of the Mercatus-equipped online storefronts, point of sale or last mile system. The in-store order fulfillment platform by joining Mercatus’ expansive partner network will help the stores to make use of their existing internal technologies and technologies provided in the Mercatus network, thereby removing the need for overwhelming integrations or huge nightly data and inventory loads. Owing to this, an immediate benefit is a huge reduction in the time it takes to establish a store and train shoppers.

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Sylvain Perrier – president and CEO of Mercatus said: “As retailers continue to invest in click & collect and delivery solutions, an efficient in-store fulfillment strategy is critical to success.

“ShopperKit will enhance our customers’ picking processes immensely and continue Mercatus’ ongoing commitment to creating a vast partner network of like-minded technology providers that are focused on making innovative turnkey solutions available in order to meet the business needs of grocers across North America.”

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