Wipro launches digital service lifecycle automation solution – FieldX


Wipro Limited has launched a cloud-based end-to-end digital service lifecycle solution called FieldX, which has been built on the Now Platform, an automated engine developed by American software company ServiceNow.

According to Wipro, manufacturing organizations by deploying FieldX can improve and scale up their after-sales customer service operations while cutting down costs.

FieldX has been developed as part of the ServiceNow Partner Industry Solution Program.

The digital service lifecycle solution embeds the customer service and field-service management capabilities of the Now Platform with the Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) platforms of Wipro.

Binoy Gosalia – Global Head of Industry Partnerships, ServiceNow said: “Wipro’s expertise in Field Service Management and manufacturing, combined with ServiceNow’s continued innovation across the Now Platform, helps ensure that FieldX addresses all manufacturer needs.

“After-sales service and customer care are focus areas for ServiceNow, and we look forward to our continued collaboration with Wipro in this space.”

Wipro launches digital service lifecycle automation solution - FieldX

Wipro launches digital service lifecycle solution – FieldX. Photo courtesy of Rameshng/Wikipedia.org.

Through digitization and of departmental and cross-enterprise workflows, FieldX enables manufacturers in scaling up their operations with lesser costs.

Wipro said that FieldX helps manufacturers boost their customers’ experience with omni-channel support that makes use of the company’s process-transformation expertise as well as technological innovations.

Besides, FieldX increases the uptime of machines via proactive -based monitoring, while AR-based live assistance speeds up the resolution of issues, said Wipro.

Additionally, the cloud-based digital service lifecycle solution gives a 360-degree view of the customer to service operators and field service workers, thereby boosting their efficiency.

Harish Dwarkanhalli – President, iDEAS – Apps and Data, Wipro said: “FieldX is a significant step forward in our partnership with ServiceNow and it enables manufacturers to proactively address their customers’ needs in after-sales service management.

“We look forward to working with ServiceNow to give other relevant industries the opportunity to leverage this comprehensive digital solution as they transform their own customer-service processes.”

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