Touchwood Entertainment launches MakeMeUp reality web series


Touchwood Entertainment Ltd., an Indian event management company, has released a digital reality web series on called MakeMeUp which aims to find the Makeup Artist of the Year.

Produced by Touchwood Entertainment, the reality web series is directed by Karun Punchhi. It will be releasing shortly on Hotstar.

MakeMeUp will finalize 16 contestants from thousands of entries who will face 10 challenges following which one winner will be announced. The Winner and runner up of MakeMeUp will get a scholarship from the London School of Makeup, said Touchwood Entertainment.

The reality web series show will have well-known makeup artists as the judges.

is the main judge of the MakeMeUp show.

Each of the episodes will have a guest judge from the makeup industry.

Touchwood Entertainment launches MakeMeUp reality web series

Touchwood Entertainment launches MakeMeUp reality web series. Image courtesy of Touchwood Entertainment Ltd.

Some of the guest judges on the show will be Anu Kaushik, Leena Bhushan, Guneet Virdi, Sahil Malhotra, Kriti DS, Iza Setia, Gomit Chopra, Prateek Sachdeva, Chandni Girdhar, and Param Sahib.

MakeMeUp producer Vijay Arora said: “Makeup artists are a very dynamic and flourishing community and until recently there was no single platform to recognise their talent and flair. God makes beautiful people and Makeup artists are the ones who enhance their beauty.

“We at MakeMeUp want to create a platform where these talented artists can be rewarded and recognised. The show is a global platform we have created for aspiring Makeup artists to showcase their talent.”

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