Tech Mahindra partners with Ludium Lab to launch Cloud Gaming as a Service


Tech has launched a Cloud Gaming as a Service offering to telecom companies, cable companies and original equipment manufacturers (OEMS).

The Indian IT company said that the new B2B cloud gaming service will be offered via its cloud-based platform powered by Spain-based Ludium Lab.

According to Tech Mahindra, the Cloud Gaming as a Service will offer clients another value-added offering, which utilizes the capabilities of their networks in order to generate an additional revenue stream.

Furthermore, the Tech Cloud Gaming as a Service is said to drastically enhance end consumer access to gaming by removing the necessity for expensive gaming consoles and high-speed internet connections for accessing popular compute-intensive games.

The company stated further that its B2B cloud gaming service will improve the AAA gaming experience of high-budget, high-profile games that are usually produced and distributed by large publishers. This will be achieved via a 5G powered low latency gaming service offered as a plug and play solution with a library of more than 150 AAA games stored in the cloud that can be accessed on any device, and processed on the edge.

Manish Vyas — Tech President, Communications, Media and Entertainment and CEO, Network Services, said: “The gaming industry has seen a spike in its users post the Covid era, leading to increased interests and opportunities for the industry to grow. The evolution of 5G with its inherent low latency will play a pivotal role in the adoption of experiences in the Metaverse and cloud gaming.

“We look forward to delivering NXT of cloud gaming with Ludium Lab, thereby delivering tomorrow’s experience today to our enterprise customers.”

Tech and Ludium Lab plan to jointly promote their cloud gaming services, targeting major companies in the telecommunications sectors, such as mobile OEMs, smart TV OEMs, cable operators, and other organizations seeking to streamline connectivity for an improved gaming experience in the growing digital world.

Juan José Martin — CEO of Ludium Lab said: “Our commitment to deliver a user experience that is both enhanced and affordable is what makes us a leading player in cloud gaming. We are thrilled to partner with Tech Mahindra, who we recognize as an important world leading technological company.

“Combining their expertise with our innovative virtualization technology and cloud gaming capabilities, our Cloud Gaming as a Service will be a major turning point in the market.”

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