T Mobile, Deutsche Telekom roll out T-IoT solution for businesses


T-Mobile US and German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom have unveiled a new Internet of Things (IoT) solution dubbed T-IoT to deploy and manage global IoT connections with ease.

Available across 188 destinations, on 383 networks globally, the T-IoT network will enable businesses to have one global team and one global solution for global IoT connectivity, platform management and support.

Mike Katz — President of T-Mobile Business Group said: “With T-IoT and our award-winning networks, we’re poised to help businesses realize the true potential of IoT by completely disrupting the status quo of how IoT is purchased and managed.”

T-IoT is said to feature a wide range of technologies and support NarrowBand-Internet of Things (NB-IoT), Long Term Evolution for Machines (LTE-M), LTE, and 5G.

The internet solution will help enterprises view and manage global IoT connections across various platforms, including T-Mobile Control Center and Deutsche Telekom M2M Service Portal.

T Mobile, Deutsche Telekom roll out T-IoT solution for businesses

T Mobile, Deutsche Telekom roll out T-IoT solution for businesses. Photo courtesy of AtomicTaco/Wikimedia Commons.

T-IoT is also claimed to streamline procurement processes through simplified contract and billing, reliable global service level arrangements, and customer support.

T Mobile said the global network connectivity will also serve the lifetime connectivity needs of the devices.

Hagen Rickmann — Managing Director Business Customers of Telekom Deutschland, said: “Many industries, such as healthcare or automotive, depend on international supply chains.

“And their customers today rely on receiving service and assistance anywhere in the world.

“We’re able to do that with this transatlantic collaboration, with our networks, for the customer experience worldwide.”

Some of the users of T-IoT network include German luxury automotive marque Mercedes-Benz and BIOTRONIK, a Berlin-based medical device company.

T-Mobile US is an American wireless network operator in which Deutsche Telekom has a 64.78% stake.

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