Roche, Lilly team up to develop EAPP blood test for Alzheimer’s disease


Roche is teaming up with Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly) to support the development of its Elecsys Amyloid Plasma Panel (EAPP) blood test which has been designed by the former to enable the earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

According to Roche, to deal with the strain that Alzheimer’s disease has on healthcare systems, it is vital to make people’s journey to diagnosis quicker and easier to access. This will allow access to the most appropriate treatments when they are developed, said the Swiss healthcare company.

This partnership is said to be in line with Roche and Lilly’s goal to assist patients by enhancing the process of obtaining a prompt and precise diagnostic and therapeutic.

Mark Mintun — Lilly group vice president and Avid Neuroscience R&D and president said: “We are pleased to be joining Roche to support the development of yet another potential diagnostic tool.

“We look forward to the robust data and continued collaboration across the field that will be critical to accelerate the ecosystem to aid in a timely and accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.”

Roche, Lilly team up to develop EAPP blood test for Alzheimer’s disease

Roche, Lilly team up to develop EAPP blood test for Alzheimer’s disease. Photo courtesy of F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

If approved, the EAPP blood test will be a further tool to determine the low probability of amyloid pathology among patients who are symptomatic and decide if they need to undergo further assessment and tests that can confirm the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

In July 2022, Roche secured the breakthrough device designation from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the EAPP blood test.

Last December, Roche was also granted 510(k) approval for its Elecsys beta Amyloid (1-42) CSF II (Abeta42) as well as the Elecsys phospho-Tau (181P) CSF (pTau181) tests, which detect Alzheimer’s disease in its initial symptomatic phase.

Matt Sause — Roche Diagnostics CEO said: “We are excited to be collaborating with Lilly on such an important area of unmet medical need.

“Today, over 55 million people are living with and this is projected to increase to nearly 140 million by 20502. Collaboration is essential to ensure these people receive a timely and accurate diagnosis.

“The Elecsys Amyloid Plasma Panel has the potential to streamline a person’s journey to diagnosis and, therefore, access to future treatment options.”

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