Reliance Jio enters into collaboration with Google Cloud on 5G technology


Reliance Industries Limited said that its subsidiary – Reliance Jio Infocomm (Jio) has entered into a collaboration with Google Cloud on technology to enable Indians to access superior connectivity.

In this connection, Google Cloud will offer a fully end-to-end cloud offering for 100% automated lifecycle management of Jio’s network and services.

According to Reliance Industries, the deep expertise and innovation of Google Cloud in combination with telco-specific capabilities for security, resilience, and performance will help Reliance Jio’s service to address the demands of customers. This will help Reliance Jio consolidate its position as one of the top networks and largest service providers in India.

Reliance Industries said that Google Cloud’s Edge Cloud infrastructure gives an open, extremely scalable, and high-performing platform for supporting Reliance Jio. Additionally, Reliance Jio and Google Cloud will work together to bring a portfolio of edge computing solutions to aid industries in addressing real business challenges.

Reliance Jio enters into collaboration with Google Cloud on 5G technology

Reliance Jio enters into collaboration with Google Cloud on technology. Photo courtesy of F. Muhammad from Pixabay.

Reliance Jio will look into developing new services across gaming, education, healthcare, and video entertainment sectors. These services will use its network, software and the innovations of Google Cloud in AI/ML, data and analytics, and other cloud-native technologies delivered by Reliance Jio and driven by Google Cloud.

Sundar Pichai – CEO of Google and Alphabet said: “We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Reliance Jio to help Indian consumers connect to a faster and better internet and support businesses in their digital transformation and help Jio build new services in sectors like health, education and more.”

Apart from the collaboration, Reliance Industries is expected to benefit from the scalable infrastructure f Google Cloud, which will enable its retail business to drive enhanced operational efficiency, modernize and scale for expansion, and provide improved performance and experiences to customers.

Mukesh Ambani – Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries said: “Cloud solutions is a key area where we are collaborating with Google. Jio will use Google Cloud’s cutting-edge technologies to power Jio’s solutions and for powering the internal needs of key Reliance growth businesses like Reliance Retail, JioMart, JioSaavn and JioHealth.”

In July 2020, Google signed a deal to acquire a stake of 7.73% in Reliance Jio for INR 33.73 billion.

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