Reliance Industries expects to launch JioPhone Next by Diwali 2021


Reliance Industries Limited said that JioPhone Next, the made-for-India smartphone is in advanced trials and is on track to launch before the upcoming Diwali festival.

JioPhone Next is being jointly designed by its subsidiary and internet giant Google. It is claimed to be the first-of-its-kind device that features an optimized operating system based on Android and Play Store.

According to Reliance Industries, the device and the operating system will provide voice-first features that will help people consume content and navigate the phone in their own language.

JioPhone Next is also expected to provide a great camera experience and will have the latest Android feature and security updates.

Reliance Industries expects to launch JioPhone Next by Diwali 2021

Reliance Industries expects to launch JioPhone Next by Diwali 2021. Photo courtesy of Pexels from Pixabay.

and Google are said to have started testing the JioPhone Next smartphone with a limited set of users. This is for further refinement, said Reliance Industries and for mitigating the industry-wide shortage of semiconductors around the world.

Reliance Industries stated: “JioPhone Next is built with exciting features like the Google Assistant, automatic read-aloud and language translation for any on-screen text, a smart camera with India-centric filters and much more.

“The companies remain committed to their vision of opening up new possibilities for millions of Indians, especially those who will experience the internet for the very first time.”

In June 2021, Reliance Industries through its subsidiary – Reliance Jio Infocomm entered into a collaboration with Google Cloud on 5G technology to help Indians access superior connectivity.

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