Ramco Systems joins forces with Wagestream to offer fintech solutions


Ramco Systems, an Indian payroll software provider, has entered into a partnership with Australian fintech to extend pay tracking in real time, flexible pay, money coaching, as well as other financial wellness solutions in combination with its Ramco Global Payroll solution to organizations across Australia.

is said to help in easing financial stress for employees by giving them the ability to reduce dependence on high interest credit and develop healthy financial habits.

Rohit Mathur — Ramco Systems Head of Ramco Global Payroll & HR Solution said: “We are excited to bring ’s financial wellness capabilities together with our Global Payroll solution for our customers and their employees. This will complement an organisation’s efforts to meet the evolving expectations of modern workforce.

“We are confident that while employees will benefit from ’s financial wellbeing offering, organizations will also experience higher employee productivity and retention rates. This is certainly the next step towards enhancing employee well-being and overall experience.”

The partnership will enable access for registered employees to via platform of Ramco Systems with just a click for real-time tracking of their earnings, directly increase their savings from their pay, check their financial fitness score and get customized financial education, and transfer a part of their earned wages for covering unexpected emergencies or costs.

Josh Vernon — Australia CEO said: “At Wagestream, everything we do and every product we create is designed to improve the financial wellbeing of people at work. Our partnership with Ramco will help more employees access the financial wellbeing tools that can help reduce financial stress and achieve their goals.”

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