Medicinal Plants for treating Liver Disorders


Some of the plants which are used for treating the disorders of liver are

1. Punarnava

Biological Name :

It increases the liver ATP phosphodrolase activity and is useful for treating and inflammatory conditions.

2. Kabra

Biological Name : Capparis spinosa

Capparis spinosa

Capparis spinosa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is very useful as biliary deobstructive, in liver disorders and enlarged spleen.

The ripe, burst-open fruit of a caper (Cappari...

The ripe, burst-open fruit of a caper (Capparis spinosa) shrub on the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt (exact location unknown). The fruit has burst open, showing the black seeds and yellow fruit flesh. The height of the fruit was approximately 7 centimeters. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. Sanai

Biological Name : Cassia augustifolia

It is used as a liver stimulant and also acts as a powerful laxative

4. Kasni

Biological Name : Cinchorium intybus

It is useful for treating all disorders of liver, enlargement of spleen and gall bladder disorder.


Biological Name : Emblica officinalis

It is having cooling effect on liver and is effective in treating jaundice.

6. Soya

Biological Name : Foeniculum vulgare

Soya is useful for treating troubles of spleen.

7. Pitpapra

Biological Name : Fumaria officinalis

Fumaria officinalis (Unterfranken, Germany)

Fumaria officinalis (Unterfranken, Germany) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pitpapra stops the wandering of mind. It is good for diseases like spleen disorders, dyspepsia due to torpor (inactivity) of the liver.

8. Makoi

Biological Name : Solanum nigrum

Makoi is useful for correcting acute and chronic enlargement of the liver and is used for treating cirrhosis.

9. Chirata

Biological Name : Swertia chirata

Chirata is useful for liver troubles and allied complaints.

10. Kanphool

Biological Name : Taraxacum officinala

Kanphool is having a specific action on cholecystitis, inflammation of gall bladder. It is having a lithontriptic action on hepatic calculi. It also increases the bile flow.

Common Dandelion,Taraxacum officinale  .....Bồ...

Common Dandelion,Taraxacum officinale …..Bồ công anh,Bồ công anh Trung Quốc….#6 (Photo credit: Vietnam Plants & The USA. plants)

11. Surphonka

Biological Name : Tephrosia purpurea

Surphonka is useful for treating troubles of spleen and liver.

12. Harr

Biological Name : Terminalia chebula

Harr is useful for treating disorders of spleen and liver.

People with torpid liver and sluggish biliary function are advised to undergo special cure like eating grapes. Some of the liver ailments can be corrected easily by taking or glucose or by drinking a glass of sharbat daily.

Medicines for Liver Disorders in Ayurvedic, Unani and :

  • Ayurvedic – Liv-52, Stimuliv, Eladi Churna
  • Unani – Jawarish Amla, Kushta Jamrud, Kushta Faulad
  • Homeopathic – Livotex, Chelidonium-30, daily thrice
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