Magnum Fire & Safety Systems acquired by Perimeter Solutions


Perimeter Solutions, Missouri-based manufacturer of fire retardants and firefighting foam, has acquired Magnum Fire & Safety Systems, a Texas-based fire protection equipment supplier.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Magnum Fire & Safety Systems is engaged in manufacturing firefighting foam equipment and systems. It was formerly a business division of Magnum Fabrication.

Perimeter Solutions said that the acquisition was made to support and grow its capability as a multi-national firefighting foam systems integrator.

Magnum Fire & Safety Systems acquired by Perimeter Solutions

Magnum Fire & Safety Systems acquired by Perimeter Solutions. Photo courtesy of David Mark from Pixabay.

As per Perimeter Solutions’ president and CEO Eddie Goldberg, the acquisition of Magnum Fire & Safety Systems aligns with the company’s drive to offer the market with wide-ranging firefighting technology and equipment portfolios, and for developing solutions that are customized for the fire protection requirements of customers.

said: “We want to offer a broader range of comprehensive solutions for international fire safety programs – particularly as we roll out new fluorine-free firefighting foam technology.

“We will continue to invest in manufacturing and technology to support the growth of our business in markets around the world.”

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