Lifestyle Changes may make you Unhealthy


Problems and Management of Stress:

is the main cause for many people to overeat without control. As a result of stress, many hormones are released which increase the hunger levels in a person. With the change in work hours to night shifts, the eating habits are also changed which in future may lead to night shifts.

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Professionals working in hospitals, transportation, BPO and call centres were the only ones working in the night time. But now a days due to globalization the scenario has changed and people in all professions are forced to work in irregular timings. Such professionals find it hard to eat their food at regular timings . Instead they settle for tea, and any junk food. These irregular food habits put their at risk.

Problems faced by professionals due to changes in lifestyle and diet:

  • will develop if food is not eaten in regular timings. The professionals working on computer are more prone to acidity.
  • Due to high intake of fast foods, they are accommodating high levels of bad cholesterol even at the age of 30’s. This bad cholesterol may finally lead to heart problems.
  • Youth are facing the problem of migraine due to eating late at the night hours.
  • The people who go to pubs and clubs without eating proper food develops psychological problems.
  • Changes in lifestyle make people to have high blood pressure, obesity and psychological problems.
  • Young people are also prone to diabetes due to improper diet.

How to overcome these conditions of ill health?

Doctors suggests to change the life style. Some of the tips given by doctors are:
  • Have a deep sleep
  • Eat healthy food
  • Do exercises
  • Practice meditation
  • Do yogas and pranayamam
The diet should include mainly minor cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits, and less amounts of sugar and oil.
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