Infosys launches Infosys Modernization Suite for enterprise modernization


Indian IT services company has launched the Infosys Modernization Suite to help organizations expedite their end to end modernization requirements.

As part of Cobalt, Infosys Modernization Suite is designed to help enterprises modernize legacy while providing superior customer experiences, quicker time to market, infinite elasticity, and reduction of costs, to enable enterprises in becoming resilient, responsive, and also relevant.

Some of the main features of the Modernization Suite are comprehensiveness, agility, and efficiency.

It serves as a one-stop solution, which covers a broad variety of modernization patterns and technologies.

Modernization Suite is claimed to cut down time-to-market by bootstrapping projects with end-to-end workflows that are integrated and automated.

The new suite can also streamline the costs of modernization by considerably increasing productivity across the lifecycle.

Infosys launches Infosys Modernization Suite for enterprise modernization

launches Infosys Modernization Suite for enterprise modernization. Photo courtesy of Infosys Limited.

Modernization Suite is made up of five integrated platforms for supporting multiple application modernization patterns via highly automated workflows. The five platforms are Infosys Mainframe Modernization Platform, Infosys Migration Platform, Infosys Cloud Native Development Platform, Infosys Cloud Modernization Platform, and Infosys Database Migration Platform.

Shaji Mathew – Executive Vice President said: “The Infosys Modernization Suite, with over 40 modernization services, offers the perfect solution to organizations which need to modernize their legacy systems.

“Backed by experienced consultants, a rich talent pool, an extensive ecosystem of over 50 partners, and global modernization implementations for over 600 customers, is able to successfully catalyze the modernization journey for its clients.”

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