Infosys BPM partners with IBM to launch AI and automation hub in Poland


Infosys said that its business process management arm — Infosys BPM has opened an artificial intelligence (AI) and automation hub in Poland in partnership with IBM.

Located at the Infosys Business Experience Lounge, the Center of AI and Automation is aimed to help enterprises around the world achieve digital excellence.

Infosys BPM has been collaborating with IBM for two years to help clients in identifying new use cases and developing solutions to enable them to innovate in hybrid cloud environments.

Marcin Gajdziński — IBM Poland and Baltics Country General Manager said: “IBM is focused on providing clients and valued partners such as Infosys the key capabilities needed to scale AI for business.

“As evidence of the importance of the IBM Ecosystem strategy, the newly opened Center of AI powered by IBM Watson in Lodz, Poland, will provide our joint clients significant support in building the digital economy, as well as new skills and expertise in the field of AI and hybrid cloud.”

Infosys BPM partners with IBM to launch AI and automation hub in Poland

Infosys BPM partners with IBM to launch AI and automation hub in Poland. Photo courtesy of Amrith Anandan/Wikimedia Commons.

The Polish AI and automation hub will offer a portfolio of data and AI solutions to global enterprises to help them in automating and expedite their hybrid cloud journey. It will complement the service offerings of Infosys BPM that are built with an approach to design thinking and deep domain expertise in AI and data technologies, said Infosys.

The Indian IT services provider said that the hub will allow clients to access multiple digital solution offerings across the areas of AI, data, and hyperautomation. These include IBM CloudPak for Data, IBM SaferPayments, IBM Watson Assistant & IBM Watson Discovery, IBM Sterling Supply Chain, IBM Blockchain, and Envizi for Sustainability among others along with Infosys BPM’s key solutions such as Infosys Interaction Analytics, Infosys Intelligent Document Processing, Infosys Accounts Payable on Cloud, Infosys Multilingual Conversational AI, Infosys Material Master Harmonization, Infosys Cortex, and others.

Kapil Jain — Infosys BPM Executive Vice President and Global Head of Sales and Enterprise Capability said: “We are proud to launch the Center of AI and Automation at the Infosys Business Experience Lounge in Poland. As organizations continue to transform their cloud environments, they will increasingly need to rely on a diverse ecosystem of partners and supporting technologies to unlock enhanced hyper-productivity, agility, and scale.

“This collaboration with IBM Watson, through end-to-end hybrid cloud offerings, robust AI capabilities, domain-specific use cases, and business functional contextualization, will enable organizations to better navigate the complexities of digital transformation, leading to enhanced business value.”

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