ICICI Lombard rolls out Anywhere Cashless feature to cover all hospitals


Lombard, an Indian general company, has introduced a new feature called “Anywhere Cashless” for its health insurance policyholders.

The new feature permits customers to use cashless services at any hospital, regardless of whether it’s part of Lombard’s existing hospital network.

The Anywhere Cashless feature is dependent on the hospital’s acceptance of the cashless option.

In order to use this feature, policyholders must notify Lombard at least 24 hours prior to the date they are admitted. They can provide basic details about the patient, including policy information, hospital address, the diagnosis and name of doctor, and others.

The feature is accessible via the IL TakeCare app under the ‘Service we offer’ section. The feature was first introduced as a pilot program and is available now via the IL TakeCare App in all of India.

When viewed through the eyes of the customer today, the current hassles of cash deposits, paying for all costs, keeping the original receipts for payments as well as coordinating with an insurance company to comprehend each and every detail are all said to be eliminated with cashless payments made with the Anywhere Cashless option.

ICICI Lombard rolls out Anywhere Cashless feature to cover all hospitals

Lombard rolls out Anywhere Cashless feature to cover all hospitals. Image courtesy of Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

According to Lombard, the new feature gives a stress-free experience throughout the process, from admission until discharge. Customers can also select the nearest or most recommended hospital and concentrate on the health of their families instead of focusing on insurance details during the course of treatment.

Alok Agarwal — Lombard Executive Director said: “The “Anywhere Cashless” feature is a step towards revolutionizing the insurance industry in and providing better healthcare access to everyone. The feature takes into account the emotionally strenuous journey one undertakes while undergoing treatment and aims to alleviate the difficulty of the process, while enhancing the convenience of our customers.

“The feature also provides our customers with a sense of assurance that their medical needs will be well cared for. This exemplifies the company’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity, setting apart and making Lombard a trusted partner in the insurance industry.”

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