HCL Technologies introduces HCLTech Metafinity to drive metaverse journeys


HCL Technologies (HCLTech) has launched HCLTech Metafinity, the company’s latest digital innovation to help enterprises develop exciting use cases in the metaverse and offer real-time, immersive experiences to their customers.

HCLTech Metafinity focuses on industrialized applications for retail, financial services, consumer products, hi-tech manufacturing, telecom, life sciences, and healthcare sectors. It offers domain-specific capabilities using metaverse platforms, as well as other platforms that have been proven in the market, like SAP as well as Salesforce.

The latest metaverse solution makes use of the HCLTech platform COTRUST as well as the Blockchain Tokenization Framework (OBOL) as the core decentralized platform to provide a complete metaverse solution for business requirements. This allows backend integrations to range between cloud, data, and artificial intelligence.

HCL Technologies introduces HCLTech Metafinity to drive metaverse journeys

HCL Technologies introduces HCLTech Metafinity to drive metaverse journeys. Photo courtesy of Raghukraman/Wikimedia Commons.

HCLTech Metafinity can help create an entirely new virtual reality which will bring together various digital technology disciplines including human interface, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as well as 3D content production, and so on under one umbrella platform.

The new solution from HCL Technologies is built on the HCLTech XRStudio platform, which leverages Adobe’s range of marketing and web analytics tools. By utilizing smaller details, such as avatars with a look-alike, it intelligently connects the physical and the virtual worlds.

HCLTech Metafinity leverages Adobe Target, Adobe Experience Manager, and Adobe Commerce to give marketers opportunities to use their existing marketing technology stack to provide customized experiences, brand messages and marketing campaigns for emerging digital channels such as the metaverse. This opens up new possibilities to engage with customers in an immersive and more personal manner.

Anand Birje — HCLTech President of Digital Business Services said: “HCLTech is consistently investing in developing augmented reality and virtual reality through digital platforms, data, cloud and internet of things (IoT) services.

“HCLTech Metafinity was born out of the need to provide expertise and accelerated development capabilities to enterprises at a time when industry reception to the metaverse is high and new use cases are constantly being explored.”

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