GMDC begins geological studies to exploit base-metal reserve at Ambaji lease


Mineral Development Corporation (GMDC) said that it has started geological studies and on-ground design for mineral exploration campaigns over an area of 1,400 hectares in and around the Ambaji mining lease in North-Eastern Gujarat.

According to the -government owned seller, the base-metal reserve at the Ambaji mining lease holds critical and strategic importance in addressing the anticipated global deficit of up to five million tonnes by 2030-35.

GMDC expects the Ambaji site to have a substantial Polymetallic deposit with trace amounts of precious metals and scale up its footprint in base metals.

The reported resource at the Ambaji mining lease is projected at around 6.28 million tonnes with nearly 10% total metal content (Copper, Zinc, and Lead combined) within the current drilling study envelope, said GMDC.

The Indian miner further stated that the reserve will additionally meet the demand for the adoption of in emerging and developed countries, thereby gradually lowering dependency of India on the import of Copper.

Roopwant Singh — GMDC Managing Director said: “There is massive potential in Ambaji; the site is expected to hold a significant Polymetallic deposit with trace amounts of precious metals. At GMDC, we have only just begun exploring the area and are looking for base metals, including at the moment, but we are open to other commodities and other opportunities.”

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