Excretory System : Parts and Functions


What is Excretory System?

The is a passive biological system that helps in removing excess and unwanted materials from the body in an organism. The basic function of the excretory system is to maintain homeostasis and prevent damage to the body of the organism.

The removes the liquid wastes and metabolic products as urine. The excretory system also removes sweat and gaseous wastes.
The helps in the removal of all the by-products produced by all other health systems.

Parts of the Excretory System:

also acts as an excretory organ. Skin removes excess salts and urea in the form of sweat. Through this process, the skin maintains the temperature of the body.

The consists of a pair of kidneys, a ureter, a urinary bladder, and a urethra.

Functions of the Excretory System:

  • The helps in the removal of metabolic wastes from an organism.
  • The removes liquid wastes as urine.
  • The helps in the removal of toxic substances from the body of an organism.
  • The helps in maintaining homeostasis of the body and prevents damage to the body.

This post gives you a basic idea of the excretory system. The detailed will be updated soon.

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