Domestic Natural Fuel Gas : Components and Risks


In many rural homes natural is used as a replacement for petroleum gases. Many of the waste products are recycled to produce natural gas, which is generally used for cooking, heating, and lighting purposes. It is also used to generate electricity.

Components of Natural Fuel Gas:

This natural contains mainly and other gases like carbon dioxide, propane, and which are heavier hydrocarbons.

Risks with Natural Fuel Gas:

This natural is termed as a pure fuel however it also contributes to global emissions by emitting particulate matter contributing to atmospheric pollution and risk of deposition in the lungs, and circulatory system. Yet another risk in using natural gas is the production of a poisonous gas carbon monoxide an odorless, smokeless, and without fumes. Persons who breathe this gas get asphyxiated and die. So the conclusion is though natural gas is a clean fuel gas it has also certain risks towards pollution and life.

Nowadays detectors are available for the detection of carbon monoxide and other poisonous gases commercially to safeguard against them.

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