Ami Organics wins multi-million Euro supply contract from Fermion


Ami Organics has signed a multi-year, multi-tonne agreement with Fermion, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Finland-based Orion Corporation for the supply of an intermediate for its patented product.

Based in India, Ami Organics is involved in manufacturing advance pharmaceutical intermediates and speciality chemicals. The company is claimed to have developed and commercialized more than 450 pharma intermediates for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in 17 major therapeutic areas.

On the other hand, Fermion manufactures APIs.

Arto Toivonen — Fermion President said: “We are delighted to extend our partnership with AMI Organics who have been working with well over ten years. AMI Organics’ strong chemistry skills, technical expertise, and professional team makes them our trusted supplier.

“We believe this partnership will add further value to both the organisations.”

Ami Organics said that the total minimum contract value, based on the supply projection shared by Fermion, is likely to be multi-million Euro. The supply contract is for a 10-year horizon and the product is anticipated to begin meaningfully contributions to the revenue from FY24.

Naresh Patel — Ami Organics Executive Chairman and Managing Director said: “I am extremely pleased to take the partnership with our existing European innovator customer to the next level with this multi-year multi-tonne contract.

“This reaffirms the trust our customers have in AMI, making a partner of choice and fortifying our leadership position in the intermediate market. I am confident that we will continue to strengthen our relationship with more opportunities in the future.”

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