Aivita Biomedical anti-aging skin care product Provoque Eye Complex launched


Aivita Biomedical, a stem cell company based in California, has rolled out a new product branded Provoque Eye Complex that can reduce skin aging signs that are visible in just about two weeks.

Backed by a patent, the Provoque Eye Complex anti-aging skin care formula has been derived from stem cell. The aesthetic cosmetic formulation is packaged in an easy-to-apply format, states the stem cell company headquartered in Irvine.

Through a stem cell-conditioned media which is said to be its core proprietary technology, Provoque Eye Complex is made from similar ingredients in rich quantity that are responsible for skin nourishment during younger days. Aivita Biomedical has therefore packed Provoque Eye Complex with ingredients such as microelements, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, lipids, proteins, factors secreted by skin progenitor cells and carbohydrates.


Aleksandra Poole, Ph.D. the vice president of Aivita Biomedical’s Research and Development on the new commented: “We are excited to be making a new addition to our line of best-in-class stem cell-derived anti-aging products.

“Our unique capabilities in cell therapy development have allowed to develop what we believe to be the most physiologically precise anti-aging product on the market, now in an eye complex formulation optimized to address the visible signs of aging around the eye.”

Aivita Biomedical states that the new is particularly formulated to address the functional concerns raised by eye aesthetics that include dryness, thin periocular skin, under eye hyperpigmentation, crow’s feet and fine line wrinkles.

Provoque Eye Complex happens to be the second product launch from Aivita Biomedical which plans to develop and launch an expanded line of anti-aging skin care products. The stem cell company’s other is Provoque Facial Serum.

Aivita Biomedical states further that active technology it used in the Provoque Eye Complex and Provoque Facial Serum anti-aging skin care products base is said to be driven by a couple of clinical blinded studies which confirmed their performance and safety.

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