Adani Cement introduces waste management division Geoclean


Adani Cement has introduced Geoclean (previously called Geocycle), the company’s division, which has been formed to build circularity and preserve natural resources.

According to Adani Cement, Geoclean by coprocessing waste helps towards a cleaner environment and conservation of natural by replacing conventional fuels with alternate fuels and raw materials (AFR).

The Adani Group company claimed that its arm is built on the basis of sustainability and value enhancement of business via circular economy.

Geoclean will cater to agricultural, public/municipal, and industrial sectors with solutions that are both sustainable and innovative. By coprocessing the waste from the sectors, Geoclean facilitates the recovery of energy and recycling of materials from waste, thereby leaving no residues, said Adani Cement.

Adani Cement revealed that the targets of Geoclean include boosting the thermal substitution rate to 30% by 2027 for cement brands ACC and Ambuja Cements from 6% of the previous year through co-processing of approximately 3.7 million tonnes of alternative fuels.

Geoclean is said to have built 14 co-processing plants in around AFR storage areas, feeding arrangement, and laboratories that underpin Adani Cement.

Ajay Kapur — Adani Cement business CEO said: “We are committed to building a sustainable future by adopting clean and green technologies in our overall business. We have always believed in environmental conservation and are committed to making the optimum contribution towards co-processing waste responsibly for a sustainable future.

“Adani Cement will continue its endeavours to promote sustainability and build a cleaner and greener planet.”

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