India opens phase 1 of 14 lane Delhi-Meerut Expressway

businessnewstoday- May 31, 2018

Construction industry news : Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened the Delhi section of the Delhi-Meerut Expressway - phase 1 of the first 14 lane ... Read More

Gati introduces electric vehicle for last mile courier deliveries

businessnewstoday- May 31, 2018

Indian courier delivery company Gati launched its first electric vehicle to carry out last mile delivery operations. The company is undertaking a pilot project in ... Read More

MoneyOnMobile introduces fingerprint-based ATM cash-out solution in India

businessnewstoday- May 29, 2018

Financial service news : MoneyOnMobile, an Indian mobile phone-based payment network has launched a new biometric-based ATM cash-out solution. The company has activated 3,000 units ... Read More

Know about calcium importance to our body, uses & deficiency symptoms

pharmanewsdaily- May 24, 2018

Calcium is an essential mineral of the body. It is required for keeping the bones and teeth strong and healthy. Most of the calcium up ... Read More

Cranberry reduces risk of Urinary Tract Infections & recurrence in women

pharmanewsdaily- May 24, 2018

As per the new study published in The Journal of Nutrition, Cranberry reduces the risk of urinary tract infections recurrence (UTI) in women. The study ... Read More

Nipah Virus Infection: Nipah Virus Infection Symptoms, Prevention

pharmanewsdaily- May 22, 2018

Nipah Virus Infection has become one of the mysterious disease and the deadly disease that claimed 11 lives in just few days in Kozhikode in ... Read More

NTE Energy announces 1GW Anderson County Energy Center in South Carolina

businessnewstoday- May 12, 2018

NTE Energy has announced a new 1,000 MW capacity natural gas fired power plant - Anderson County Energy Center in Anderson County, South Carolina with ... Read More

Unilever Ice Cream launches 20 new frozen treats in US

- May 12, 2018

Ice cream industry news : Unilever Ice Cream has expanded its frozen treats line up in the US by launching a total of 20 new ... Read More

Malaria symptoms, causes, home remedies for malaria treatment

pharmanewsdaily- May 10, 2018

Malaria is an infectious disease caused by a parasite that belongs to the genus Plasmodium and is transmitted by the mosquitoes. Plasmodium infects the red blood ... Read More

WHO says mass vaccinations cannot prevent Ebola outbreaks

pharmanewsdaily- May 10, 2018

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported a new Ebola virus outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As per a recent research, it has ... Read More