Bio-Chemical Tests for the Detection of Naphthoquinones

pharmanewsdaily- November 27, 2013

Juglone test: Treat 2 ml of extract of chloroform and 2 ml of ethyl ether with dilute ammonia solution. If pink colour is obtained, it ... Read More

Sleeping Warm might keep Cold at Bay

pharmanewsdaily- November 27, 2013

What is Common Cold? Common cold is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract and affects everybody at any part of the year but ... Read More

Gastrointestinal Disorders : Symptoms and Treatment

pharmanewsdaily- November 27, 2013

Introduction to the Gastrointestinal Disorders: The stomach is one of the most important organ of our body. It is required for the purpose of digestion ... Read More

Health and Science Trivia Questions – 11

pharmanewsdaily- November 27, 2013

Quiz Questions in Science and Health 1. Name the alkaline fluid produced in the liver? 2. What is a cluster of bananas called? 3. What ... Read More

Phyllanthus niruri helps in treating Liver Disorders

pharmanewsdaily- November 26, 2013

Source and Distribution of Phyllanthus: Botanical Name : Phyllanthus niruri Family : Euphorbiaceae Synonyms of Phyllanthus: Hindi - Jar amla, Jangli amla English - Niruri ... Read More

Significance of Woven Dressings and Technical Terms describing Surgical Dressings

pharmanewsdaily- November 25, 2013

How are Woven dressings Prepared? What are the different types of woven dressings available in the market? Woven dressings are prepared by using cotton, silk ... Read More

How do Diastase and Pepsin Enzymes help in Digestion?

pharmanewsdaily- November 25, 2013

Significance of Diastase: Diastase is one of the amylolytic enzymes present in the saliva like salivary diastase or ptyalin, pancreatic diastase or amylopsin. It is ... Read More

Role of Wild Violet in Cancer Treatment and other Medicinal Uses

pharmanewsdaily- November 25, 2013

Source, Morphology and Distribution of Wild Violet Plant: Biological Name : Viola odorata Family : Violaceae Synonyms of Wild Violet : Hindi - Banafshah Sanskrit ... Read More

Classification of the Glycosides and their Properties

pharmanewsdaily- November 24, 2013

What are Glycosides? Glycosides are the organic compounds from plants or animal sources which on enzymatic or acid hydrolysis give one or more sugar moieties ... Read More

What are the Causes, Signs and Symptoms of Cancer?

pharmanewsdaily- November 24, 2013

Causes of Cancer: Cancer is caused as a result of environmental factors and genetic factors. Cancer is mostly due to environmental carcinogens but genetic factors ... Read More