Vasaka : Chemical Constituents and Uses

pharmanewsdaily- October 21, 2013

Source and Distribution of Vasaka: Vasaka consists of the dried and fresh leaves of the plant Adhatoda vasica (vasaka scientific name), belonging to the family ... Read More

Useful Plants for treating Urinary Disorders

pharmanewsdaily- October 21, 2013

Some of the plants which are used for treating the urinary system disorders are Babchi, Turai, Dudal, Tulsi, Ajwain, Satavari etc,. 1. Babchi Biological Name ... Read More

Urinary System Disorders : Symptoms and Prevention

pharmanewsdaily- October 20, 2013

Symptoms of Urinary System Disorders: Blood in urine Scanty and painful urination Obstruction in passing urine White urination deposited on the ground Protein in urine ... Read More

Effects of Caffeine, Uses and Chemical Tests

pharmanewsdaily- October 19, 2013

Molecular Formula of Caffeine: The molecular formula of caffeine is C8H10O2N4. Physical and Chemical Properties of Caffeine: Caffeine occurs as a white powder with bitter ... Read More

Shankhpushpi : Chemical Constituents, Uses, Substitutes and Synonyms

pharmanewsdaily- October 17, 2013

Source of Shankhpushpi: Shankhpushpi consists of the aerial parts of the plant known as Canscora decussata, belonging to the family Gentianaceae. It is also known ... Read More

Pterocarpus for treating Diabetes and Medicinal Uses

pharmanewsdaily- October 17, 2013

Botanical Name of Pterocarpus : Pterocarpus marsupium Family : Fabaceae Synonyms of Pterocarpus: Hindi - Vijaisar kaashtha English - Indian kinowood Sanskrit - Pitasala Asana, ... Read More

Prostatitis : Causes, Symptoms, Classification and Treatment

pharmanewsdaily- October 16, 2013

What is meant by Prostatitis? Prostatitis is the inflammation or swelling of the prostate gland. Prostatitis Causes: English: Prostate and bladder, sagittal section. 中文: 前列腺與膀胱,矢狀切面。 ... Read More

Rasna : Chemical Constituents, Medicinal Uses and Synonyms

pharmanewsdaily- October 15, 2013

Rasna : Morphology, Cultivation and Distribution: Rasna consists of the dried rhizomes of Alpinia officinarum, belonging to the family Zingiberaceae. These rhizomes are trimmed, washed, ... Read More

Gaultheria Oil : Chemical Constituents and Uses

pharmanewsdaily- October 13, 2013

Wintergreen plants (Gaultheria procumbens) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Biological Source and Distribution of Gaultheria: Gaultheria oil is obtained by the steam distillation of the leaves of ... Read More

Basic Information on Triterpenoids, Tetraterpenoids and Carotenoids

pharmanewsdaily- October 12, 2013

Chemical Nature of Triterpenoids: English: Neem, Margosa, Neeb, Nimtree, Nimba, Vepu, Vempu, Vepa, Bevu, Veppam, Aarya Veppu or Indian-lilac Azadirachta indica in Hyderabad, India. (Photo ... Read More