Ammi : Chemical Constituents and Uses

pharmanewsdaily- April 26, 2013

English: Ammi majus, Apiaceae, Bishopsweed, Bullwort, Greater Ammi, Lady’s Lace, Laceflower, habitus. The blooming plants are used in homeopathy as remedy Morphology, Cultivation and Distribution ... Read More

Bones (Parts) of Axial Skeletal System

pharmanewsdaily- April 17, 2013

Axial Skeletal System Definition Axial Skeleton (Skeletal System) consists of Skull Sternum Ribs Vertebral Column English: This is a corrected version of an image file ... Read More

Skeletal System : Parts, Functions, Structure, Types and Divisions

pharmanewsdaily- April 17, 2013

This article has been moved. To read the post on Skeletal System Function, please follow the link. Read More

Ashwagandha – Chemical Constituents, Uses and Synonyms

pharmanewsdaily- April 14, 2013

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)  Morphology and Distribution of Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha consists of the dried roots and stem bases of Withania somnifera belonging to the family Solanaceae. ... Read More

Olive Oil : Chemical Constituents, Preparation and Uses

pharmanewsdaily- April 13, 2013

Morphology and Distribution of Olives: Olive oil is the fixed oil expressed from the ripe fruits of Olea europoea belonging to the family Oleaceae. It ... Read More

Coca leaves (Cocaine) : Chemical Constituents and Uses

pharmanewsdaily- April 10, 2013

Erythroxylum coca, Erythroxylaceae, Coca, leaves. The alkaloid cocaine is used in homeopathy as remedy:  Morphology and Distribution of Coca: Coca leaves are the dried leaves ... Read More

Corns : Causes and Treatment

pharmanewsdaily- April 10, 2013

Painful corns at both feet of a 51-year-old woman with severe tranverse flat feet. Mycosis has affected some nails, and she also suffers from a ... Read More

Blisters : Causes and Treatment

pharmanewsdaily- April 8, 2013

English: Blister on medial foot caused by wearing thongs/flip flops. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Causes of Blisters: Blisters may be due to allergy, fungal infection or ... Read More

Lifestyle Changes may make you Unhealthy

pharmanewsdaily- April 7, 2013

Problems and Management of Stress: Stress is the main cause for many people to overeat without control. As a result of stress, many hormones are ... Read More

Treatment of Ulcers with Bland Diet

pharmanewsdaily- April 7, 2013

Ulcers : Types and its Treatment: Special diet is the major treatment in the case of peptic ulcer. The peptic ulcer may be located in ... Read More