A Balanced Diet and Regular Exercise Prevents Strokes

pharmanewsdaily- February 26, 2013

Balanced Diet and Exercise Prevents Strokes The German Neurological Society (DGN) Berlin reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association that regular exercise and ... Read More

Tart Cherry Juice to alleviate post Exercise Pain

pharmanewsdaily- February 26, 2013

A new study made by Oregon Health and Science University revealed that Tart Cherry Juice can reduce pain after exercise. Sixty healthy adults were taken ... Read More

Thevetia : Chemical Constituents, Properties and Uses

pharmanewsdaily- February 26, 2013

Uses of Thevetia, Lucky nut, Oleander Morphology and Distribution of Thevetia: Thevetia consists of the dried seeds of the plants Thevetia peruviana, Merrill syn., Thevetia ... Read More

Safflower Oil : Preparation, Properties, Standards, Synonyms, Chemical Constituents and Uses

pharmanewsdaily- February 26, 2013

Safflower Flower Uses Morphology and Distribution of Safflower Oil: Safflower oil is a fixed oil obtained from the ripe and dry seeds of Carthamus tinctorius, ... Read More

Walking is the simple and easiest exercise for Weight Loss

pharmanewsdaily- February 23, 2013

What is the importance of Physical Exercise? Physical exercise is an important activity for keeping the body fit and healthy. It keeps the body flexible ... Read More

Medicinal Plants for the Treatment of Gastro-Intestinal Disorders

pharmanewsdaily- February 22, 2013

Some of the plants which are used for treating the gastro-intestinal disorders are Adrak, Triphala, Lahsun, Podina, Kanlaunji, Zamikand, Soya, Jeera, Isapgol etc,. Ginger helps ... Read More

Euphorbia for Treating Gastro-Intestinal Disorders

pharmanewsdaily- February 22, 2013

Euphorbia for the treatment of Gastro-Intestinal Disorders Morphology and Distribution of Euphorbia: The Biological Name of Euphorbia is  Euphorbia hirta that belongs to the Family Euphorbiaceae. Euphorbia ... Read More

Bio-Chemical Tests for the Detection of Proteins

pharmanewsdaily- February 22, 2013

Biuret Test for the detection of Proteins Warming test for the detection of Proteins: The test solution is to be heated in a boiling water ... Read More

Bitter Gourd :Chemical Constituents, Health Benefits and Synonyms

pharmanewsdaily- February 22, 2013

Bitter Gourd : Chemical Constituents, Benefits and Uses Morphology and Distribution of Bitter Gourd: Bitter gourd consists of the fresh green fruits of the plant ... Read More

Exercise Induced Asthma patients gets relief with Caffeine

pharmanewsdaily- February 17, 2013

What is Exercise Induced Asthma? Some people having asthma get an attack when they do exercise. This is referred as Exercise Induced Asthma (EIA). This ... Read More