Ajowan – Chemical Constituents, Synonyms and Medicinal Uses

pharmanewsdaily- November 29, 2012

Biological Source of Ajowan: Ajowan consists of the dried ripe fruits of the plant known as 'Trachyspermum ammi', belonging to the family Umbelliferae. It is ... Read More

Ribbed Gourd – Properties, Nutritive Values, Synonyms and Medicinal Uses

pharmanewsdaily- November 27, 2012

The botanical name of the Ribbed gourd is Luffa acutangula that belong to the cucurbitaceae family. Distribution and Morphology of the Ribbed Gourd Ribbed gourd ... Read More

Domestic Natural Fuel Gas : Components and Risks

pharmanewsdaily- November 26, 2012

In many of the rural homes natural gas is used as a replacement to petroleum gases. Many of the waste products are recycled to produce ... Read More

Mouth Washes – Functional Requirements

pharmanewsdaily- November 26, 2012

Mouth washes are also known as mouth rinses. There are many mouth washes available in the market now like colgate plax, listerine mouth wash etc. ... Read More

Urinary Tract Disorders : Enuresis – Causes and Treatment

pharmanewsdaily- November 23, 2012

Urinary Tract Disorders One of main disorder of the urinary tract is enuresis. Enuresis means "bed wetting". Enuresis or Bed Wetting Enuresis (Bed wetting) is ... Read More

Acupuncture helps in treating Fibromyalgia

pharmanewsdaily- November 23, 2012

What is meant by Acupuncture? Acupuncture is an age-old Chinese method used for relieving the pain and treating other disorders with the help of needles ... Read More