Depression : Symptoms and Types of Depression

pharmanewsdaily- October 5, 2012

What is meant by Depression? Depression is an extremely common psychiatric condition. It is the most common of the affective disorders (disorders of the mood). ... Read More

Regulation of Respiration, Musculature, Blood Vessels and Glands of Airways

pharmanewsdaily- October 1, 2012

Regulation of Respiration Respiration is regulated by the rhythmic discharges from the respiratory centre in the medulla. The discharges are modulated by input from pontine ... Read More

Bronchial Asthma : Treatment and Drugs

pharmanewsdaily- October 1, 2012

How to treat Asthma? The treatment for Asthma is based on the frequency and severity of the Asthma attacks. Symptomatic treatment can be given for ... Read More